How to stop Mail Rules

For the past week I had all my emails sent to a different email address while still keeping a copy in Lotus Notes thru Mail Rules. I thought I stopped it and when I check Mail Rules there's nothing in there..How do I stop this Mial Rule ?
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how did you stop it, did you disable it or just deleted it?
Make sure the other replicas have these changes propogated. Especially one on server(s)

If you have no other replicas and everything is in order.Then rebuild the index of mail rule folder (shift + F9 ) and perform the same process in all other replicas  ( or replicate the db)

Bianchi928Author Commented:
I think I just deleted it.
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do Hemanth's suggestion then.  sometimes the mail rule view index is not updated. it is best to disable it first and delete it when everything is in order.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
This happens often to my users. Most of the times you can still see the rule in the profile document even though it was deleted.

There is an IBM technote on it
Mail Rule is never to be deleted without disabling it first !!!

Since the information is also updated in the calendar profile, this is going to be a nuisance cleaning up.

The solution to your problem is, delete the calendar profile

sample script...

 Dim s as New NotesSession                                        
 Dim db As NotesDatabase                                                
 Set db = s.CurrentDatabase                                      
 Set profile=db.GetProfileDocument("Calendarprofile")                  
 Call profile.remove(True)

and reopen the database and create a new profile          

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The code provided above as well as the advice provided should solve your problem. But, in the future, disable a rule before deleting to save yourself the hassle.
Bianchi928Author Commented:

Excuse my ignorance , but how do I run this little script in Lotus Notes . Details Please    

There are two ways to accomplish getting the code into a Notes mail client. 1. open the client and go to "create" then choose agent. In the box that appears, in the name field choose "Calendar Profile Delete" (or, just "profile delete" as I named mine). Leave it as "shared". For "trigger" leave it as "on event". For runtime: leave it as "action menu item" and the last: Target: "none". Then close the box. Under "action" paste in the code provided above. This can also be done through the designer client it you have it installed. If you do have the designer client installed, it will open when click on create agent in the Notes client. The Notes help section also provides assistance with how to create such an agent. But the steps above should get you started. Once you have it created and saved, go back to your Notes client and when you click on the actions menu button, you should see your agent name in the menu as a choice. Click on it and the calendar profile will be deleted. Then you will be able to create a new profile. And new rules. And remember in the future to disable a rule before deleting it. Although, now you have the tool to fix it should you or another user delete a rule before disabling it. Good Luck!
Hmmm, has this question been abandoned?
Bianchi928Author Commented:

What you suggested works fine.

You are welcome. Happy Notes to you!
Sorry, got busy couldn't followup.
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