pc-133 ram drive pci card

i have some 1GB  pc133 ECC chips around and i was thinking of using them as a ram drive in my current computer, but for that i would need a PCI card that emulates a drive using pc-133, i kow they made them for servers back in the day, but im having truable finding one used, please help
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Unfortunatly PC 133 is just about dead and, any PCI controller that would accept them is about the price of 4 GB of USB 2 flash .


Tough choice.
donickcoAuthor Commented:
i want to use my old PC 133 chips i have around that takes DDR
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donickcoAuthor Commented:
i would like to use the chips i allready have i have 4 1gb pc-133 ibm ecc server ram chips
Maybe you can find a laserprinter or a raidcontroller that takes those memory modules? I agree that it is probably more expensive to buy a PCI card for them than to get a finished product like was mentioned above...
donickcoAuthor Commented:
pgm554, a ram drive and that are worlds apart, a ram drive has supper fast constant access speeds
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