Hi all,

I'm looking to optimize our Exchange server. The GUI seems really sluggish and we receive local queue length errors for messages building up occasionally. We are running Exchange 2000 with 180 mailboxes on a P4 2GB IBM server.

Is it totally safe to load Loadsim on a production server and run it after hours?

What precautions should you use for running it on a production server? Has anyone done this before? Does it give good feeback?


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so the disk appliance is connected to the exchange server via the network? (sorry if ive got mixed up there)

in all honesty im thinking that is probably what your problem is, exchange uses lots and lots of random disk I/O's and Microsoft sujest using either SAN or direct attached storage for exchange.
have a loook though the ruling out disk based problems on that last link and see if its the disk queue building up on the server.
you could try moving the transaction logs locally though, that may help!

(like i said sorry if ive got cofused with how your exchage is setup, im off to bed but im sure someone else will be able to help or ill have a look back in the morning)
i havent had much experiance with loadsim but i was under the impression that this software created dummy databases and mailboxes. I wouldn't use it on a live system just in case it tries to delete the current databases etc. rather than runningn loadsim id go though the steps on the following link:


It talks you through ruleing out disk based problems etc.

Hope thats of some help

Dave J
just out of interest how are your disks etc setup in the server (number of disks and RAID type etc) and how big are the mailstores?

we have 2 exchange servers with about 2000 people on each so 180 users should be more than fine!

DeanUnitedAuthor Commented:
Exactly! we have one mailstore of 54gb . It's attached on a seperate network segment to a Network Appliance FAS250. Both the F: (trans dir) and G: (DB dir) drive are attached via ISCSI LUNS to this device. The device has 10 drives in a RAID 5 config.

We will run GoExchange Cleanup /defrag tool on the mailstore soon to clean it up. The mailstore has not been defragged in two years, that could be an issue.

check the following link and run the exBPA and the exPTA against your server. hopefully they will find some tips for you.

54gb for 180 users? whew.

anyways, oldhamm is on point about the disk i/o's. get with your nas vendor to see if they have any suggestions on performance tuning.


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