Double pictures windows display higher than 600x800

One of our machines is a Windows 2K Athlon with Nvidia TNT2 Riva 64.  Today, for no reason, it seemed to lose any color over 256 (because some of my icons are gray) and at anyrhing over 600X800, it shows double wallpaper.  If you click on one of the Windows standards and ask it to "center," (I'm looking at Zapotec right now) there are two of them, neither quite centered, lined up like the dark squares of a checkerboard.  Suggestions?  I've reloaded drivers, changed properties, updated drivers, and it's OK at 600x800 but nothing higher.
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It sounds like a bad video card.
Probably some of the video memory went.

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You might try removing and reinstalling the card in the slot.
They do sometimes work loose even just by creaping from heat-up cool down cycles.
SmugdadAuthor Commented:
I pulled the card and put in another one, which cured the problem.  The old one had a nice, big bulging capacitor!  
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