Sync two Global Address Book???

Does anyone know if it is possible to sync to Global Address Books
from two different Domains?

I'm doing some work for a School District and they have an Adult School on one Domain and
the other schools on another. They need both Exchange 2003 address boos two sync up.
Is this Possible?
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Microsoft's vision is another server ...

Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) 2003 is a centralized service that stores and integrates identity information for organizations with multiple directories. The goal of MIIS 2003 is to provide organizations with a unified view of all known identity information about users, applications, and network resources.

MIIS 2003 helps improve productivity, reduce security risk, and reduce the total cost of ownership associated with managing and integrating identity information across the enterprise.

Synchronize identity information. With MIIS 2003, you can synchronize identity information across a wide variety of  directory and non-directory identity stores. This allows you to automate the process of updating identity information across disparate platforms while maintaining the integrity and ownership of that data across the enterprise.
• Provision and de-provision accounts. MIIS 2003 allows you to easily provision and de-provision user’s accounts and identity information such as distribution, e-mail, and security groups across systems and platforms. New accounts for employees can be created quickly based on events or changes in authoritative stores like the human resources system. Additionally, when employees leave a company, they can be immediately de-provisioned from those same systems.
• Synchronize and manage passwords. MIIS 2003 enables password synchronization, self-service, and help desk-initiated password management and reset from a Web browser. End users and help desk staff no longer have to use multiple tools to change passwords across multiple systems as MIIS automates the synchronization of passwords. Password management capabilities allow passwords to be easily reset across multiple systems from one easy-to-use Web interface.
Here's the web site for more info.
1- u can use this utility from MS u have to import GAL in to a public folder as contacts....not a prety solution...

2- manually export and import GAL from one exchange in to another....not a prety solution

3- use third party tools...very expensive.....i think quest has one...

4-use the LDAP services of ur OUTLOOK and AD....not a user friendly solution(never used it myself)....

LionelhAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys,
Would you happen to know if ExchangeSync is just as good as MIIS?
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