What's today's WEEKDAY name and other general ?'s


Can you help me out? Stuck again.

I am trying to set a variable depending upon which day of the week it is.

so far I have this:

      SYSTEMTIME systemtime;
      char TheTime[19];
      GetSystemTime( &systemtime );
      sprintf (TheTime, "%04d:%02d:%02d: %02d:%02d:%02d :%04d ",
            systemtime.wYear, systemtime.wMonth, systemtime.wDay, systemtime.wHour, systemtime.wMinute, systemtime.wSecond, systemtime.wMilliseconds);
      MessageBox(NULL, TheTime, "N o w", MB_OK);

but I need a switch statement, like:

case "Monday", "Tuesday", "Friday"
     mystruct.myvar = true;
case "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Saturday"
     mystruct.myvar =false;
      mystruct.myvar =false;

Man, I get so close to thinking I have a good handle on this, then the simplest of tasks proves to be quite the challenge!

How do I extract the weekday name from my code above?

AND LASTLY please explain something to me , what are the "rules" for using strlen ?

How come it works with some strings and not others?

For instance, this code:

        int bRet;
      int iComputerNameLength;

      // Get and display the name of the computer.
      bufCharCount = MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH+1;
      bRet = GetComputerName( infoBuf, &bufCharCount );

why does if(lstrlenA(infoBuf)>=5){... work and not


I must be missing something here.... I can use some functions but not others???

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switch(  systemtime.wDayOfWeek ){
case 1: case 2: case 5: { mystruct.myvar = true; } break;
case 3: case 4: case 6: { mystruct.myvar = false; } break;
default: { mystruct.myvar = false; } break;
you should look at the win32.hlp or msdn doc how SYSTEMTIME is defined and that SYSTEMTIME.wDayOfWeek holds what youre looking for. a 0 is sunday, 1 is monday, 2 tuesday and so on. thats more useful than full names, because windows doesnt run in english languages only...
>>>> a 0 is sunday, 1 is monday, 2 tuesday ...

In C++ usually you would define an enum like that:


Then, you might have a static array for outputting names:

static char* daysOfWeek[WEEKDAYS] =

switch(  systemtime.wDayOfWeek )
   case MONDAY: case TUESDAY: case FRIDAY:
       mystruct.myvar = true;
       mystruct.myvar = false;

>>>> How come it works with some strings and not others?

The problem is TCHAR type. It's a typedef that is either a single byte or 'char' type (ANSI) or a double-byte or wchar_t type (UNICODE). The latter is the case if the macro _UNICODE was defined in your project settings.

strlen only accepts (const) char* type but not a wchar_t*.

The way out is to use _tcslen which is defined to fit to TCHAR type regardless whether it is a char or wchar_t

You may check the article "strlen, wcslen, _mbslen, _mbstrlen" in MSDN to learn more.

Regards, Alex


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