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Hi all,

Recently i changed the policy on password changing and now users no longer get a warning 14 days out everytime they log on and they also now seem to be changing passwords at different times when they all used have a same last day to change password.

Can someone please help make these changes.

14 days out prompt to change password
Have all users change passwords on same last due day.



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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

It sounds like you have done it correctly. I would try to change the setting to maybe 15 days or more for domain policy and then run secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce on the domain controller. Then reboot a domain computer to see if the "effective" setting changes to 15 days or more . Assuming it does, change it back to 14 days on the domain controller to see if it helps. If nothing helps, run netdiag and dcdiag on the domain controller and netdiag on one of the domain computers looking for any failed tests that may be pertinen

Check this registry key:


PasswordExpiryWarning (DWORD)

Change the number for this. Does it exist? If not, create it


On your DC, Aministrative Tools > Domain Security Policy,
Security Settings > Account Policies > Password Polioy >
Maximum password age

It could be because last time when all the users changed their passwords, they didn't do it on the same date. What you could do is instead of giving the expiry date of password (like 60 days or so). Configure all of them to have 'User Must Change Password On Next Logon' and it will make sure that all of them change it on a specific date.

But I don't see any problem in the way it is working right now. As long as they change it between that 14 day notice it should be fine, right?

Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can check event viewer.

BR Dushan
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Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Have you tried with my comment?

BR Dushan
CyberIDentityAuthor Commented:
Hello Dushan,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your suggestions and closing this thread , Yes your advice worked and my issue was resolved.


CyberIDentityAuthor Commented:
Sorry I meant Abs jaipur
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