Laserjet 5000DN can't see Duplexer or Tray 3

Hi All,

I've bought a second-hand Laserjet 5000DN which, as the suffix suggests, comes with a Duplexer and also a 500-sheet Tray 3. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the Laserjet to recognise that either are attached.

I think I've ruled it out as a software issue, and I've sent jobs to the printer which I've specified as duplexed and/or tray 3; but it ignores that and just uses Tray 2 (or Tray 1 if there's anything in it). The control panel on the printer doesn't offer any options for Duplex or Tray 3 media types, so I'm assuming it just can't see it, and the problem lies in the printer itself.

I've taken a look at the connections between the base of the LJ and the duplexer, and that seems ok. I've also tried removing the duplexer and just seeing if the LJ will recognise Tray 3 alone. No joy.

Is there anything else I can try or I should look at? Or is this just flogging a dead horse? Apart from this problem of not seeing any additional peripherals, the printer works just fine.


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pixukAuthor Commented:
Sadly, that doesn't really help. That's just an install guide but doesn't provide any specific help for troubleshooting problems getting the optional duplexer/tray to be seen by the printer (the standard install assumes that it just works).

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pixukAuthor Commented:
Nope. I've already been through the HP support site looking for answers without any luck, which is why I'm hoping one of the experts on here might be able to help.

wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
If you are using Word, go to tools menu>options>print tab and UNTICK "allow a4 letter resizing".
Sounds silly, but in some versions of Word, this stops printer driver paper settings being applied.

Are you sure you closely inspected the pins 'inside' the connecting block of the printer? If you have and the pins are straight and equally spaced, the connecting block on the 'printer', has probably been damaged. The connecting block itself may not be attached properly due to damage. When you set the printer onto the duplexer, the block may be moving 'up' into the printer base. (Have definitely seen this before, part# WS6-5092)  AND..  just to be sure, the printer cannot be turned on when attempting to 'stack' your devices. (The printer must be turned off before stacking.) Print out the configuration page using your control panel of the printer. Your optional devices should be 'recognized' on this page. If ..the config. page recognizes your devices, look at your 'print driver' and see if those 'options' have been activated. If no devices are found on the printout, it's the connecting block.

A work around solution.. stack the printer onto the duplexer. Then remove the top cover by removing 2 screws in the front top edge, 1 in each corner, then lift the top cover in the front and push it towards the rear to disengage the locking tabs. Disconnect the control panel harness. Remove the left side cover, 1 tab towards the rear, on the top edge. Find the connecting block and push 'down' on the connecting block.  Reinstall the covers and power on. Check your config page to see if the duplexer is recognized. If it does, power off the printer and stack onto tray 3 and your back in business..

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pixukAuthor Commented:
printerguy - thanks, I'll try and check that out today.
pixukAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The problem was exactly as you described, and the connector under the printer had simply been pushed back inside. I followed your instructions and voila! working duplexer and tray 3.

Thanks again

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