Editing original message without using a different font color and spacing

Hi there,

I am looking on a way to reply to a message in Microsoft Outlook without this "auto" spacing and blue font automatically selected in my inserted text into the original message.

I would like to be able to edit directly the original text on reply without this font color (blue) and inserted space before and after my edit.

Is it possible to do it? and how???

OUTLOOK 2003 - of course :-)

Thanks very mucho!
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Hi SirTKC,

Tools, Options, Email Options

Untick "Mark My Comments with"

See how that goes, i think that still means that the font is different, in which case do this

Tools, Options, Mail Format, Fonts

Change the "When replying" to be the same colour as "When composing"

Hope that helps,

SirTKCAuthor Commented:
Hi red!

Thanks for your quick answer!

"Mark my comments with" was already unchecked. It still use a different font color and add space before and after my comment.

I've tried the second suggestion you made and, indeed, I can determine the font color I wish to use in order to "match" the one used in the original message.

But what I am looking for is how to completely remove this automated function from my replies. Just beeing able to edit without any add. features.

Unfortunately, this added feature is part and parcel with the added feature of "Replying" to a message.

I agree with you though, it is a pain and not very useful at all.

With those settings I gave you, it is as good as it gets - although I dont know why it is still adding a space there...

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