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Here is the situation.  I have a Memorex Dual Layer DVD CD recorder player sim although a bit older than the following:

Just the other day bought some Memorex -R +16 DVDs, and after about two years of service it would not recognize the DVD says it is an incompatible format.  I put in some DVDs I had sitting around (Memorex +R +16) and they worked fine, then tired some -R +8 and they worked fine as well.  Went out bought some Sony DVD -R +16 and got the same incompatibility error.  What the heck is going on.  Both the so called "non compatible DVDs are +1 to +16 writable" and my burner is -R +R dual layer compatible.  Both my computer and nero burning software cant read these new dvds.
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Two possibilities, either the media are incompatible with the drive, which is fairly common with new media customized to several burner types, or your DVD is dying.  You could try a firmware upgrade, but before that, I would try cleaning the heads, and checking the cables.  Also make sure your DVD is looking OK in device manager, no yellow ! marks.

Obviously memorex discs should work in this drive, so you might be seeing the end of it.  But cheer up, a new Sony DW-Q30A dual layer is only $45 and it is a very reliable drive, with lots of compatibility across media types.  You are aware of the compatibility charts on www.meitline.com, yes?
Try Updating The Firmware Of Your DVD Burner.
Then Try Updating Drivers.
See If Nero Has Any Updates Available.

Download This:
And This:

To Check Your Drives Compatibility
There can be very large differences in raw media, and it isn't uncommon that certain types won't work when used in a certain drive. This can be true even if both are from the same manufacturer. Sometimes even using the same media can cause problems, as there can be differences from batch to batch. There's nothing you can really do about that, except trying to keep to those media you know usually work.
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montree7Author Commented:
I bought the Sony DVD burner, lets see if that does the trick...funny thing is...the dvd burner cost me $36 at newegg and the DVDs cost $40....mmmm
As I said, the SOny is great, if you have any problems, it will be something else, Ive installed over 100 of these and no failures.  You pay too much for media, should only be 40c or less per disk
montree7Author Commented:
yep the sony worked!  
Knew it would.  Good luck.
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