Rejoining removed DC controller after hardware failure / removal

We had a hardware crash on a domain controller in a mixed mode Win2K. It looked grim for the machine, so we removed it from the Active Directory with ntdsutil. The machine has a global catalog but no FMSO roles. I walked through the process with MS support, and we did a thorough removal.

The hardware was repaired, and to my great surprise, the data survived the RAID controller failure.

I'd like to rejoin to the domain. My recollection from the MS guy was that all that was required was to hook it back in after at least one complete replication cycle.

Is it really that easy?
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Hi Tsdjws,

make sure that your current machine holds no roles still - if there is any on it then your network will fall over when you add it back in

i tke it you seized all the FSMO roles with MS over the phone onto the current DC, you need to run ntdsutil on the old DC as well if you havent so far :)


but besides that yup, it is that easy
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