Is it possible to do continuous data protection (cdp) with with the built in backup on Small Business Server?

Hi, I am looking at implementing some type of continuous data protection scheme at my company.  Doe anyone know if there is a simple way to achieve this using the built in backup software included with Small Business Server 2003?  Thanks!
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Having just recommended the Sonicwall CDP to you, I had thought to mention something about SBS's VSS, but VSS isn't quite "continuous".  The default configuration is to take snapshots at 7:00am and 12:00n daily.  You could easily increase this schedule if you like, you would just need more room for storage or just have less shadow copies to fall back on.  Under normal circumstances, with the default settings, VSS will store about 30 days worth of "Volume Snapshots"  Essentially allowing users to roll back to any of 60 previous versions of any document or file stored on a server share.

Please review this transcript of a TechNet chat about SBS Backup:

And this one on Microsoft's Data Protection Server:

Windows 2003 and SBS have VSS (Shadow Copy Services) besides and part of the built in backup.  See the SBS help files to know more about it .  This service allows users to recover previous versions of a file and also deleted files.  This looks like some type of continuous data protection scheme.
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