how to change url from http to https without loosing the session

i have a web application that is is not secured but when the user get to the credit card form page i need to secure it (http to https)  when i redirect the link starting https://-------  the session get lost
how can i change the url from http to https without redirection
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NabilbahrAuthor Commented:
is it possible to change the url on the address bar using java script
Can you tell us which language your application is written in?  PHP?  ASP.NET?
The session should not get lost when changing to https unless the secure site is not the same web server.  Can you give us some more information about how the session is being lost?

You cannot use javascript to simply change the address bar - even if ou could it would have no effect until the page re-loaded using SSL.
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NabilbahrAuthor Commented:
i'm using visual basic 6.0 web application
Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
This is an issue I have seen in many web server when transferring between domains.
Solution I used in a situation like this is to serialize the data in session of first domain to a parameter on query string and pass it over to next domain. On the second domain I deserialize the query string and populate the session.
I have used this method in PHP and ASP.

One glitch I faced and still haven’t found a solution is that when I want to destroy a session I could only destroy the session which the user is currently in.

NabilbahrAuthor Commented:
in my web application if i want to submit a form  action=""
sometimes i loose the session depending on the apartment thread that it uses
but if i use action="mars.asp?wci=Start&wce=logon&" it works fine

now if i want to change http to https , what can i do? sometime it works sometimes i loose the session
the way that i know is by redirecting the whole url using https instead of http , which isn't good
can anybody tell me an alternative
Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
As in your example you need to keep all the pages in to maintain the session. If at any place you redirect to different domain or sub domain in the same server the session will break. (I think some web server can be configured to share the session in sub domains)

So in you case if you move or, you’ll lose the session. But you will NOT loose it by going to
Note that some browsers change to by them self.

When new session is created, web server creates an session ID which you will see as PHPSESSIONID or ASPSESSIONID or simply ID member of the session data collection. This ID is a MD5 of a string created using Server Signature and Client Signature.
Client signature will contain IP, application (IE or Mozilla), ect. And server signature will contain the Server IP, domain name, ect.

Oh and this just came into my mind, I once came into a situation that even in the same domain it keep loosing the session, issues in that case was the domain was load balanced and it’s configuration was not set correctly. (SA at the time fixed it, I don’t have much details on that)

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NabilbahrAuthor Commented:

my links are usually  <a href="app.asp?wci=start&wce=process&">process</a>   (running as http)
if i use <a href="">process</a>
the user may loose the session.
how can i create a link on a page that link to the secure version of the site "https instead of http"
without loosing the session.
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