AIX OS: /var is full

Dear Gurus,

I am new to IBM AIX boxes.

Today when i checked the disk utilisation, it showed me that /var is 100% full.

I would like to delete few old log files.

when i investigated further, I came to know that /var/adm is occupying a lot of space

Could some one help me out which files I can delete safely.

Thanks in advance


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The problem is that you deleted "some old log files" and they still take space while processes do not close tham.

# kill -HUP `cat /var/run/`
What's the size of your /var partition.

Normally it should be 1 to 2 GB but if you have a fairly active servers with several users then you may increse the size of the /var partition.

See if the wtmp file in /var/adm is taking huge space. System reboot solves the problem in /var cleanup or you can do:
cp /dev/null /path/to/wtmp
Also you can do: errclear 0 to clear all the error logs till date.

Also you can use freeware utilities such as tidysys ( and logrotate ( for regular system cleanups.


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> cp /dev/null /path/to/wtmp

: > wtmp
sugunakarAuthor Commented:
thanks to all whio responded to this query.

The next day when i checked /var got cleared , i did nothing.

Now it is safe.


Some process reopened file because of cron or diag....
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