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I have a groupwise6 server on netware 6. I am migrating my Groupwise system to a new windows 2003 box and upgrading to 7 . I did a test on the new system. I copied the gw data from my netware box to my 2003 box. I took the 2003 box out of production and installed a new tree with ED873 and grafted the post offices doamins gateways, users etc. everything went will. The last thing I did was change the migrated users from external to internal as part of the new tree. I tested a groupwise 7 client and wasable to access a the post office from every user. I then installed Groupwise messenger 2.0. I extended the schema and the installtion went well. When I installed the client and put in the groupwise username and password in the groupwise client login. I am constantly "PLEASE ENTER A VALID USER ID and PASSWORD". I want to now if the Messenger installtion the not synjchronise with the users and how do I go about getting this sort out after the installation. Any ideas?

Also, the Novell Messenger Agent console on the server shows the user trying to login with this error
"DDC Original Password is not valid"

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Novell Messenger uses the eDirectory password, which can be different from the GroupWise password.  See:
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