CCNA Routersim experience ?

Just wondering if it is worth paying almost 200 buks for a piece of software.

Does someone has experience with that program ?
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Really bying a hardware for the same price is better solution, look here:
I'd agree with Nopius. I bought the CISCO router sim when I was studying CCNA about five years ago. It's probably changed since I had it, but it wasn't worth looking at that much really. It didn't give you the freedom you'd like to have, as in you couldn't do things beyond what was in the curriculum. (unlike Virtual PC where you can do what you like when setting up servers, etc). Also I seem to recall there being some bugs in the way it accepted things like show run, etc, as in you sometimes couldn't use the shortest syntax. It was OK to learn the basics, but was very repititive. You can't beat getting your hands on the kit itself to learn, so I'd try that option instead if I were you.

Agreed.  I paid for the Boson CCNA Simulator because it covered the most different types of routers/switches.  I used it for a little while until I noticed a huge bug.  When I tried configured a 2950 switch in the software, the command line acted more like the 2900 series instead of the 2950.  I don't know about old versions of IOS for switches, maybe the early IOS vers for 2950 acted like the 2900 series, but at any rate it wasn't matching up with the books I had and was therefore worthless to me.

Honestly go to ebay and buy some used 2500 series routers.  You mainly need to look at the following equipment for the CCNA
1912 switch - to learn the 1900 series commands
2912 switch - to learn the 2900 series commands
2514 router - same as 2501 except two eth ports versus 1 to learn most routing, rip and so on - recommend 2 of these
2521 router - can act as a frame relay switch

This is atleast what I bought, and it was more expensive, but I believe it was worth it.  You'd probably be looking at a little over $300 or upto $400 for all of that I would think.
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CCNA Network Visualizer 5.0 was by far the best product I had used to obtain my CCNA - and believe me, I used them all. I was able to complete about 90% percent of the labs in my Cisco Lab Manual using this product. At $189.00, it is fairly resonable. I guarantee that you will gain alot of knowlege using this product.

And no, I don't work for RouterSim.

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Let me correct my above statemet. I used RouterSim's Network Visualizer 4.0 with CCNP BSCI. There is a huge difference in functionality between this one and the one in my previous post. IT is also $249.00, not $189.00 - But still well worth the money.

Another great thing is the tech support. If you find an issue or think something should work that doesn't, email tech support and they are very good about correcting the problem with an update.
Might want to just skip the 1900 series switches.  They're (hopefully) EOL and therefore shouldn't show up on any exams.
god willing yes, but I do still see 1900 series knowledge listed in some job descriptions once in a while so they are still worth learning.
I would also like to make a case against using real hardware for simulation. Unless you have multiple routers and switches, it is very hard to simulate the CCNA test. In my school labs, we had 4 routers and 4 switches and we had to use all of them in many of the labs. The simulator offers this ability without having to purchase all of this equipment and cabling. Not to mention, a simulator can be run from you desktop without taking up a lot of space in a room.

I understand that a similator cannot provide access to every command  that real hardware provides, but this had little impact on my CCNA testing - which I passed in large part to RouterSim's Network Visualizer 4.0 with CCNP BSCI.
CassavatechAuthor Commented:
@ Mad_Jasper : So IF I decide to get this simulation, you would agree that I can easily buy straight away CCNP BSCI which also covers CCNA ?

I mean we have, I think, all of the Cisco stuff, Pix, Switches, Load Balancer etc. But of course nobody would let me work on those unless I have a prooven knowledge .. Kind of a circle, no knowledge, no hands on, no hands on, no knowledge :)

My problem with eBay : I asked about 80% of the guys there about shipping, but nobody ships to Gibraltar, which is UK offshore.

Maybe I try to work with the simulator to pass the CCNA exam, and maybe then I have a chance that my manager actually let me work with it ... But first I have to get my butt down to study anyway ...

Apart from the simulator, which would you guys recommend for a general approach to study ? I have networking skills, yes.

What I did for my Microsoft exams :

1. Go through Learnkey Videos
2. Go through them again, but more focused.
3. Check questions and see where my problems are

Something you can suggest ?

Oh,since both answeres from Mad_Jasper and Nopius were helpfull, I split the points :) I never thought about ebay and did not know that they are ACTUALLY quite cheap, although nobody ships to Gibraltar
I recommend using the labs that are included with the RouterSim product. There are many. I used Cisco's CCNA book and lab manual and I found them to be very competent and useful. The last thing I used was a Tesk-King guide from Someone gave me one and I found it very useful. There would be a question that was very similar to a question in the CCNA exam and the answer was provided.  But more than that, there were detailed descriptions of why the incorrect answers were incorrect and the correct answers were correct. Don't rely soley on thetest guide, but it will help firm up Cisco concepts.

Just to let you know - many times I will build a configuration on RouterSim's Network Visualizer 4.0 with CCNP BSCI and test it. When I am convinced it is functioning properly, I will load the config in my live router without having to inter it twice.

I almost forgot you first question.

"@ Mad_Jasper : So IF I decide to get this simulation, you would agree that I can easily buy straight away CCNP BSCI which also covers CCNA?"

Defineatly. The newer CCNA test also incorporates elements of the CCNP test. The rumor is that Cisco wanted to make the CCNA exam more elite. When comparing my exam to a coworker that had taken the exam 3 years ago, she was blown away by much of the stuff we had to learn. CCNA Network Visualizer 5.0 did not include support for these newer elements and that is why I upgraded to RouterSim's Network Visualizer 4.0 with CCNP BSCI.

I was very satisfied, as you can probably tell.

Good Luck!


CassavatechAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much .. it was very helpfull, uploading in a live router is also a good idea .. Before I go ahead and pay so much money for CCNA / CCNP I will check out the CBTs I got here to see how far my understanding is there. IF I see that this is something I can do, I will invest the money ... just to be on the save side ...
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