Ghost USB boot disk

I have a bootable ghost floppy disk which allow me to boot a PC and restore the ghost copy from my DVDRom. Is there a way to transfer this bootable copy to my USB flash disk 128Mb ?
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depending on the version you run, you can create a bootable usb disk
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
I'm using Ghost Corportion 8.0. Is it possilbe and how to do this ?? Tks.
first i would make the usb drive bootable :
then transfer the image to it.
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This is suggesting the same as above, but less manual than the link above.

Make your floppy disk as normal
Download and install this utility from HP:
With USB disk connected and floppy in drive, run the utility. Under format options, choose to create a DOS startup disk, and browse to a: under "using DOS" system files located at:" Leave format as FAT32 and click start.
Copy all files from the floppy to the USB disk.
Copy your image to USB disk.

Obviously your PC needs to be able to boot from USB, but I'm sure you knew that

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The best way to ghost that I know of for USB support is to go to and download and build an ultimate boot cd for windows.  Build in support for ghost.  This will give you full 32 bit usb and drive access and support which greatly speeds up the imaging process.

Good Luck,
see site, they have a USB section, and the USB DOS drivers there are known to work for most versions of ghost, this is a common question, you would think by now symantec would have woken up, put the files on their website, but evidently not.  They were on for a long while.
Wow!  what a tough audience.  Every answer to this question except mine was A+ material.  Dear Author, could you please post why you gave those guys a B?  I need to know if their answers wouldn't work and why.

Thanks - Travis=gurutc
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