SBS, Exchange, XP Pro.....and Mac

I need to give network access to some macs in a clients office.  
SBS2003 SP1
Exchange 2003 SP2

Mac OSs
2 X 10.4
1 X 10.3
1 X 10.3.9
1 X 10.2
1 X 9.1

The two most important things:
Network Shares
Exchange/ Public folder / Outlook / Global address list.

Also will RWW work on a Mac?  RDP is a standard thing, but will the macs actually log onto the server or show up as computers in the domain that are accesible via RWW?  
Do they get any group policies?  
How do user accounts work for Macs.

Any tips or advice would be great.  I'm fairly good with SBS2003 but Macs are completely foreign.

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Files:  There are file services for Macintosh,  although under NT4 server we crashed them easily under normal workload (10-20').  But my wireless iBook is mostly a better SBS client than my wired Windows XP.
Exchange:  Outlook 2001 and Entourage 2004 else IMAP
Microsoft RWW to a Macintosh?  I don't think so.

There is a possible reference :
Microsoft® Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed has one chapter dedicated to macintosh.   You can view it at Safari through a (trial) account
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
thanks for the info.

Entourage comes free with Exchange Correct?  

Im also checking out DAVE and ADmitMAc for securities.  That Mac 9.0  I think may be a problem othwise?  

Anything I should look out for when starting out.

I'm going to name the domain with a .office or .lan to avoid .local/mac problems.
>  Entourage comes free with Exchange Correct?  
I am missing the fourth CD but I think it's there.  Outlook 2001 for OS9 is free to download.

>  Im also checking out DAVE and ADmitMAc for securities.  That Mac 9.0  I think may be a problem othwise?  
File Services for Macintosh should do for the Mac 9.0 ,  I experienced problems under very high load.

> Anything I should look out for when starting out.
I had login problems with OS 10.3,  but I think that point is also covered in the book

> I'm going to name the domain with a .office or .lan to avoid .local/mac problems.
The way to go, I used .lan
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I have good news and bad news for you...

For the Mac OSX 10.3 and higher, you can easily connect them to the SBS network without a problem:

This document has all the information you need for using Macs with an SBS network.  Including RWW, email, etc.

So for the other two machines you may have problems being able to even connect them... that includes the 10.2 which should be upgraded if possible.


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livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
So I've been doing some fighting with certificate issues on the Macs.  I dont have time this week to get back at it and OWA isn't cutting it.  Way to slow and cumbersome.  So I think I'll setup POP accounts for them that they can hit with Mac mail.  For now...  Im going to open a new topic on setting up exchange for POP.  
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
OWA is never slow and cumbersome... you have other issues if that's the case.

livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
ok its running at full speed and i think its fine.  But its not as quick as outlook or mac mail.  You cant select all 300 junk mails and delete them, you have to go a page at a time.  You have to log in everytime you close your browser.  Its great for a web based App... But they are in the office.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That's true... which is why they should have Entourage.

It is better use IMAP than POP as as protocol.
The mac mail application can connect to Exchange,  for mails only. ( on 10.3,  I don't remember how 10.2 was)
You can run Outlook 2001 Mac OS 9 on 10.X.  This can be better than Entourage 2004 as it is a graphical shell for OWA.
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