LimitLogin V1.0 - Tool to limit and monitor concurrent logins in a Windows domain - Not working

I installed LimitLogin successfully on a Win2003 server, and the clients running on the workstations.
However, when the users configured for login logged in the workstations it did not limit the login quotas, checking on the server reviewed the Total number of Logins: 0
When the Event logs were checked on the workstations, the Soap error : Maximum retry on the connection exceeded apeared.
Looks like something is wrong with the IIS web service and the clients cannot communicate with it! I tried running the LimitLogin IIS on different Web servers and modifying the limitlogin.wsdl to point to it but the results were the same.

Is there anything specific needs to be done on the web servers? Anyone has any ideas??
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I have yet to really play with it, although I know it exists and I've had people tell me it works.

I usually recommend UserLock's 3rd party but is easier to use and install.

I have yet to see an actual "how to" or a "troubleshooting" blog or site for LimitLogin yet.  It always sounded promising, given that Novell has this feature built-in, but took forever to release, and did so without much fanfare.

All that said, unfortunately I don't have an answer to your issue.
One other may check the author's blog and see if they can help:
I also had a recent need to limit logons due to users sharing accounts and passwords.  I looked at limitlogon, but decided against it after some study.  A lot of people were having problems getting it running correctly.
It seems like it *could* become a great tool, but MS hasn't really put much time and effort into it.  UserLock at least has support...
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