Do LOTS of files in a folder make webserver slower? (apache 1.3.34)

This is Apache 1.3.34.

I have heard too many folders or files in a folder can slow down a webserver.
(Like, thousands, 10s of thousands, in a folder.)
Is this true for Apache?

If so what is the maximum # of jpgs that should be allowed in one folder?...
What is the maximum # of FOLDERS that should be allowed in one folder?

No browsing or indexing or ftping on the folder.
Only jpgs moved into folder by php and displayed in html.

Thank you.
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It's true for any server, because it makes the filesystem slower. Basically, the more files/folders you have in a single directory, the slower fopen()s are going to be - doesn't matter if they are done by Apache, PHP or else.

The solutions are:

a) switch to a filesystem that is faster at handling large directories (ReiserFS, JFS)

b) organize your files in subdirectories, like pics/012345.jpg woud become pics/012/012345.jpg for example.

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I aggree with m1tk4.
I'd prefer b).
boise2004Author Commented:
thanks for the comments -- do you have any idea of how many you can stash in a directory before it becomes a problem?  

by the way, no fopens() done on the files, just move_uploaded_file to dir then served up in html pages.
When you serve the file in html page it does a fopen(), it's just not PHP's fopen(). Moving the files is also slow because most of the time is consumed in reading the directory, and it's done both on fopen() and file moves.

In EXT2/3 you don't have the max number of files in a directory, you have a total maximum number of files and directories (inodes) IN A VOLUME. This ratio is defined when you create a volume by the number of kb you allocate per node. It's quite HIGH.
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