convert mysql dump from 4.1 to 3.23

I have a database dump made on server 4.1, but I need to load it to 3.23.
How to do it? How to convert it?
If I try just load it it fail on line
) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin2; --from create table

but there are possibly more failing cases.
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use the "compatible" option of mysqldump : mysqldump --compatible=mysql323

There is no CHARSET support in 3.x, IIRC. Remove the phrase "DEFAULT CHARSET=latin2" and see whether the query is successful or not.
ravenplAuthor Commented:
psadac: that's great. Points assured.
But, do You know what about charsets conversions? 3.23 has no idea about utf8 (or I'm wrong?)
ravenplAuthor Commented:
Found it by myself: --default-character-set=latin2
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