VOIP network with Mitel 3300 advice/suggestions

Hi Experts,

Just a quick scenario to get a confirmation by some proper VOIP experts.

I'm installing a new Ethernet network which now needs to have the capability for VOIP.
We're getting the Mitel 3300 to run the VoiP system and subsequently we need to upgrade the network to accomodate.
What i'm thinking to install is quite simply
2 X HP Procurve 2650 48 port switches.
The network is running around 80 users working through a Windows 2003 Server (their call centre management software)

In theory, these 2 Procurve switches should provide the QOS required as the Voip handsets are running over the same Ethernet cable. POE is built in.

I won't have to go any higher than the 2650 correct? They should be adequate enough to handle the data over 100/Full duplex?

If they won't handle the situation, any suggestions?

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Those switches look very nice and they will certenly be able to handle the traffic.
I am running 30 users across 3 switches without any QOS features and I dont have any problems. You only need QOS on switches if the network is heavily used and you have the possibility of traffic over a single link saturating.
chrispolsAuthor Commented:

Great, thanks a lot. I was also quoted on the Procurve 2800 series, but they were 4 times the price and I couldn't see major differences in each.
Thanks for that,
The procurve 2800 has all ports capable of gigabit speeds. You specifically dont want this as gigabit requires all 4 pairs of wires and so is not compatible with power over ethernet. Its not often the cheaper alternative is the one that does the job better :)
chrispolsAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.

I was contemplating going the gigabit route, but thanks for the advice. Appreciate the advice once again.

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