HD no longer there

We had some power flops but my Gateway system was on a APC UPS.  Evenso, I powered it down and when I went to reboot, it would not.  I tried to boot with Bootit to restore an image but eventhough the bootit icons came up, nothing worked when I clicked them (like Partitions)

So, I put the Gateway OS install disk in and booted from that but I received the message

Setup did not find any installed hard drives on your system.

The system was working the day before (the storms) and not now (eventhough they were on the USP).

Any thoughts?

I am reading other posts about this but so far I havent hit the nail on the head as what to do.
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Sounds like you have a HD falure and defining the source of this issue is the need.  Suggest you open the system and reseat connections to the HD and motherboard then boot into BIOS to determine if BIOS is seeing the HD.  If it is seeing it continue on to load your OS - If not seeing the HD then the HD sould be checked in a known good computer to see if another computer can see the HD and try a known good HD in your problem PC to determine if it can see a HD.  

Result if Problem machine sees a known good HD and the Problem HD is not seen in a known good machine, you have a bad HD.

Please post the results.


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f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
Hi also change the data cable if you have a spare one.
It not uncommon for an HDD to be working perfectly and then fail after a power-off.  The reasons are varies but perhaps the failure is something that is only needed or run at power-up.  So as long as the drive was operating it didn't know it had failed.  Once it was powered down there is no way to get it going again.

The fact that the drive is not detected at bootup or by the BIOS leads me to believe a hard-failure in the drive.  But just to be sure, check the following:

1) Your BIOS or hard disk controller settings.  Be sure the drive or the channel the drive is on didn't get disabled somehow.

2)  Your cables and power.  Be sure the cables are properly connected and that your power to the drive is good.  Try swapping out the cables and use a different power plug to the drive to check.

3) Try the drive in a different system.  The problem might be in the controller and not the drive itself.

At the end of this if all signs still point to the drive, then I'd say chances are very high that the drive failed.  Replace it and restore from your backup.

Check the power cable that goest to HDD and also check the voltages that come through SMPS.
bob733Author Commented:
splitting points (after increasing) so that I can give credit to all for helping....   I opeined it up and the power white plug was able to be pushed in further.

giving more poinds to David and jhnace due to the increased things to try suggestions but a few points to ashbury a fking because you were on the right tract (for this problem at least).
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