routing problem

Please dont ask me why this configuration, but this is my problem.

computer 1 has internet
computer 2 has internet
computer 3 not.

Computer 3 can ping computer 1 (
Computer 3 can't ping router (


ROUTER: ip : DHCP enabled (WAN connected to adsl modem)
Computer 1   OS WinXP professional   2 Networkcards Bridget Auto configured by DHCP  (IP: (route add mask 255.255.255
Computer 2 OS win98 (Routing enabled) 2 networkcards. 1 auto configured (ip:, 2 fixed ip : mask
Computer 3 OS XP professional 1 networkcard fixed ip: mask gateway

This configuration ones worked when computer 1 did not bridge the 2 cards.
So it looks like the problem is in computer 1, but why does computer 2 has
internet while its routed thrue computer 1 by the bridged networkcards.
Anyone an idee?
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the router needs a route to computer 3 too.  or bridge the network cards in computer 2 and mke computer3 on the same subnet as the others (i.e. 192.168.2.x)

hubertschilderAuthor Commented:
The router is only connected to Computer 1, computer 2 is connected to computer 1, and computer 3 is connected to computer 2.
Computer 2 is working fine (win98 can not bridge cards). wat is the problem with the configuration for computer 3? because for all 3 computers i can browse the folders of each one of them, but computer 3 can't reach the router......

>> The router is only connected to Computer 1, computer 2 is connected to computer 1, and computer 3 is connected to computer 2.

yes, I understand how they are connected - I think.

>> wat is the problem with the configuration for computer 3?

Like I said - the router does not know how to reach that subnet.  It is not a problem with the computer - he knows how to reach the router (i.e. the default route/gateway) - but it is a problem with the router - he doesn't know how to find PC3 on

What you need to do is help the router find computer 3 the same way that you help computer 1 find computer 3:

route add mask 255.255.255

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hubertschilderAuthor Commented:
hmmmm, trying to do that, its a Sweex router, and the NAT is configured to forward port 80 to my webserver, wich is computer1.
I dont know how to apply a ROUTE ADD in that router.

I got this working, when i did not bridget the cards in computer 1, and had a second subnet. No problems all for computer 3 then.

(<-->(<-->(<--> ( this worked ones
   adsl router                        computer1                             computer2                          computer3
                                        gateway=      gateway=
now it is:
                                                                        < -->(
(<->(<->( bridget)<->(<->(
adsl modem                       sweex router                        computer1                          computer 2                            computer 3
                                           wan/4lan                     gateway=        gateway=          gateway=

maybe I miss something..
maybe you ran internet sharing on computer1 when it was not bridged?  if so, then computer1 would be translating the addresses of the other computers and thus get connection to internet by 'proxy'

I just looked at the sweex router docs, and i think that you probably can't do it that way.  You will need to bridge all the interfaces, or you have to run internet sharing on the first one.


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hubertschilderAuthor Commented:
Yep!, I used internetsharing. That must be it, thanks!
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