Redirect ProjectAssemblies folder

Hi experts,

Would appreciate your help with the following problem:

We use Visual C# .NET, and most of the time when we open or compile a project, .NET sticks some temporary files (the project's DLL, and a ".pdb" (Program Debug Database) file) in to the following location in the user's directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\[[ProfileName]]\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\7.1\ProjectAssemblies

This is becoming a problem because our profile sizes are limited to 30MB, and quite often this pushes our profile sizes above this limit meaning we can't log off until the files are manually removed the end of each day.  Is there any way this folder can be redirected to a different location outside the user's profile?

Many thanks!

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If you compile in release mode instead of debug mode those files won't even get created...

The main use I have seen for those files is that on your development server it displays the actual line number of where errors occur when your page crashes.  That is helpful for debugging.  But if you can sacrifice that functionality then just compile to release mode and it won't be a problem.

I think those files have to be in the same location as the dll.  You can redirect the entire compile location.  In the properties of the project there should be an option:

Visual Studio 2005
Right click project --> Properties --> Configuration Properties --> Build --> OutputPath

Visual Studio 2005
Right click project --> Properties --> Build --> OutputPath

You may even be able to just turn off the "Generate Debugging Information"

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athapaCEO / CTOCommented:
Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->Change the first or all 3 locations.

danielgalloAuthor Commented:
Thanks mrichmon,  I set the project to compile in Release mode and it doesn't create those files now!
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