Remote connection failures

We have a SoniWall Pro 3060 and have a few remote users who use SonicWall TZ170 and they all have site to site vpn connections and it works fine except for two users who use IBM T series laptops.  Their desktop computers work fine at home but when they try to use the IBM T43 notebooks at home they cannot access the resources.  They can ping company IPs and Server names at the command prompt but they cannot map any drives as it errors out saying the resource cannot be found right after they ping the very server and share.  We have tried wireless connection on the laptops, and plugging it in directly into the TZ170 but it still will not work.  We have worked with Sonic and they state that since they connect from the site with another computer then it must be on the IBM side and we contact IBM and make sure that there is not any software or settings causing the issue and they say it must be on the SonicWall side.  Any assistance offered would be greatly appreciated?  
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Hi regsamp,

no additional firewalls on these notebooks? windows firewall completey disabled

do the event viewers show nything more specific?

regsampAuthor Commented:
No additional firewalls on the notebooks and the Windows firewall is disabled.  Event viewer is not showing anything specific related to this issue.  
are you able to map the share by IP?
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It sounds like the laptops are not using the proper protocol.
On the IBM laptops, is the "Client for Microsoft Networks" enabled?
Can the laptops see other computers in the local network at home?
Another thing to try is to map from the laptops using IP addresses.
regsampAuthor Commented:
Laptops can see other machines on the local networks at the homes and I asked one of the users stated that they tried mapping by IP and still could not connect.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
Fairly sure that the Client for Microsoft Networks is enabled on the two machines.  
Have you checked the event log for errors.
It would be good if one of the problem laptops could be brought in to your office, so that you could check that:
1. Client is enabled (on all network interfaces)
2. other MS machines are visible in Network Neighborhood
2a - shares or printers on those other machines can be mapped to by the laptop
3. the laptop can connect by IP

In other words, it would be good to check that these things really are true on a laptop that has the problem.
Do you think that can be done?
How about WINS settings and LMHosts file on the laptops?

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regsampAuthor Commented:
One of the laptops is in the office now and Client is enabled on all network interfaces and other computers, printers, resources, etc are being used by the laptop and machines can be mapped and connected by IP.  I am confirming that there are not significant errors in Event Viewer.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
We have edited an LHMhosts and we put it on each of the remote machines and the only ones that are having any issues are the IBM T series laptops.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
Check the Event Viewer of the machine that is present not many errors except event id 1054 and 1003 which would be normal for the computer not logging into the company network at the time.  
Are you using the Microsoft Wireless connections or the IBM Connection manager? I suggest you use the MS Wireless. I have run into problems with the connections manager before.
regsampAuthor Commented:
We tried the Microsoft Wireless connection and we even tried just plugging in the laptop to the Sonic Firewall unit and still no connection besides a ping.  What is frustrating is there is a desktop computer plugged in to the same Firewall unit and it has no issue.  We contact Sonic and they state it is an IBM issue.  You call IBM and they state it must be a Sonic setting.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
You take the same and put it on the company network, it works fine.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
It ended up being the Lmhosts file settings under Network Connections/Advanced was not checked off and therefore the Lmhosts file we created and put on the laptop was not being applied.  
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