Questions about domins, is SEO related

Is it true that if you only buy your domains for a year you run the risk of being blacklisted by google. Just had an ad for a domain registration company saying this, then offering 10 year leases oin domains.

Is this a marketing ploy?????

Anyone know of this?


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They are pulling your leg.

What is known about Google and domains however, is this:

1. Google is a registrar, or at least registered as one.  This gives them access to high speed queries on domains.  Therefore, it's feasible that they could / do build in such queries with crawling activity, or at least with SOME crawling activity.   So with this information in hand, they can do what they want.

2. Google doesn't have enough info to demote a site based on a 1 year registration.  Plenty of important, quality sites are registered for a year at a time.

3. Google does have information to give a site a little nod if someone has plunked down cash to renew for a long time, however, and so there is a running theory that Google is at least providing some measure of "safety" and/or "boost" to sites that have a long-term domain registration.  Spammers tend not to register names for a long time, so you can build that into your algorithm with a factor of .0001 importance.

4. Registering your name for multiple years saves paperwork and hassles, so has benefits on its own, so I register and recommend registration of names for full length of time if the business asks.

So, if you ask me, after listening and talking with folks about this, I'd say, consider it one of those 1% importance factors in ranking on Google.


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Hi Shane hows it going !

What a nice day it is !

I think thats not a ploy and have been hearing about this domain thing for quite some time.

Put yourself in google's shoes.

Most people who wanna try out things or arent really sure about their business wud register the domain for 1 year. These cud also be spam domains.

Therfore old domains and domains registered for a longer periood are given higher value !?

Best Regards,
It really would not matter how many years your buy, or renew, your domain for otherwise many would run out and buy any old domain just for it's value of being old.  

However, Google seems to monitor portions of the 'Whois' contact for a domain name.  It could be the registrant's name, contact address and even the existing IP address.  There could be many other variables that Google uses.

Nobody seems to really know how much preference Google places upon new domains verses those who have been around a year or more.  Some say yes there is a preference, others say no.  

Whatever the thinking, it makes logical sense that Google would implement something that drew upon the information of a domain name to help curb spam and artificial inflation of a domain too.  

Unfortunately, a lot of those type of sites that only care about PR value at whatever costs, or who spam, often are around less then a year verses a site that is content-driven and plans on being around for more then a year.  The difference shows and Google is aware of it.

Good Luck!


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What I have been told by the professionals is that you probably get a small boost if your domain is registered for at least 5 years. As usual, just imagine all of the ways in which Google can weed out spam sites, which is so important to Google.

Just to add a little bit more here, I'm not quite sure if the minimal "boost" websites get from being registered for multiple years comes from the time the domain name was registered, and thus renewed year by year, or by having a renewal date past one year.

I can say that I have not noticed any change (positive or negative) in a domain name's ranking if that domain name is renewed each year on a year to year basis, or if the initial registeration was for more then 1 year and multiple years following.  

Some registrars like only allow you to register and renew for 1 year at a time.  In short, perhaps Google basis a part of their domain name ranking algorythm on the date the domain was registered plus other factors like the registrant's name and IP address.

Again, it does seem logical to me that Google would implement something first to help curb spam and artificial inflation of a domain name prior to rewarding domain name owners for registering for multiple years.  And if that's the case, leaning to one side of this issue, or the other, would effect to some degree a domain's name value within their search engine.

Yes, what is common sense is that spammers are less likely to register their domain for 5 years, and we all know that Google is trying very, very hard to weed out spammers, so registering for 5 years can't be a bad idea.
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