SQL Replication

I have SQL Replication going from one server to another server to update two databases

Im on the replication publisher....where its pushing out the data..
I then right click to Agent History.......
I see start time 20060413 and time of last action is 20060420  Duration 7d

I was wondering why the start time would not be todays date....

I get a lot of Timeout expired too..............and subscription have been marked for inactive and must be reinitialized.

How do i double check its running.................without having to do count of records in database1 to replication database....

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Eugene ZCommented:
what is the agent name?
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Agent name bear with me never looked at replication before...

When click on Publishers..
   i have two name is SERVERNAME:DATABASEA
   i have two name is SERVERNAME:DATABASEB

Under Agents
   Snapshot Agent....Stopped

Log Reader

Eugene ZCommented:
where did you check 'agent history'
Snapshot Agent?
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TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
I in replcation Monitor,  server, then to one under there,,that gives me the two replication to database a and b then i right click then do agent history
Eugene ZCommented:
on what agent did you right click to get 'agent history'/

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TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Eugene ZCommented:
let's try again:
can you post step by step - or post info instead of '...'

Im on the replication publisher....where its pushing out the data..
I then right click to Agent History.......
Do you have in EM (enterprise manager) Replication monitore?
It is small green image of monitore.
If 'yes' - click '+' - and find what agent do you need

BTW: what kind of Replication do you use?
Where are  publisher; distriburtor; subscriber located? On same box?
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
In enterprise manager i click on server
then  on Replication Monitor
          Under here i have blue book symbol          DELTEKCP  All replicable tables
             This brings up
                       Log Reader
                       ASRC SQL2 DeltekCP       Push
                       ASRC SQL2 Govwin          Push

     So i right click on ASRC SQL2 Deltek Cp and do Agent History

Inside of here i see the log

#Actions        Last Action                                                        Start Time            Time of last action   Duration
   2           2 transactions with commands were delivered         20060413                  20060420              7d etc
   3            time out expired                                                    20060412                  20060413              17:45
lots of time outs.
  3             the process was successfully stopped                

These are all on one server...................

Results are going to subscription on Another Server

I believe the replication is Snapshot ....................and using distrubtion database

TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Thanks....i found out its not running.....and just go processes in my logs....and the records counts do not match so i am going to do another snapshot.
I assume doing another snapshot will fix this.

Eugene ZCommented:
why not transactional replication?
instead snapshot - use log shiping - or review biz requirments for replication topology
e.g. :
If you need keep fresh data on subscriber- then
trans replication with pull subscriber would be your solution...
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Let me check what one it is using......if i need help on that i post another thread ...to change snapshot to transactional.
First time ever looking at replication so i have a look on monday

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