Compatibility between SQLNET V2 (Oracle 7.3.4 client) and ORACLE NET (Oracle 9iR2 RAC server)

I've got an Oracle 7.3.4 client (with SQLNET V2) and, I'm going to install an Oracle 9iR2 RAC server (with  ORACLE NET) under two HP-UX machines. Please, can you tell me wether communication between client  and server sides works without any problem ? May be I can experience a compatibility issue...

Thank's very much.
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You can do it.  Oracle does not support it unless you have a valid extended maintenance support for the 8.1.7.
If it would have been reverse then it definitely would not work, 9i or 10g client with 7.x server
However you might be able to connect using 7.x client to 9.x server, (You might face some issues as this configuration is not supported.)

Why do you want to do that, why not simply download the latest 9i or 10g client?

Connections between  Oracle 7 and 10g is not supported and will no work.

You can find more details about the interoperability between  variuos oracle versions are available in the following metalink note.

207303.1  Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between  Different Oracle Versions.

Pradeep George,
Oracle Certified Master.
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