Exchange server, OWA, and Hotmail

Exchange server, OWA, and Hotmail

I am currently setting up SBS 2003 premium and have added my msn (http) profile to Outlook 2003.  Everything up to this point is good – I can access my exchange account and my msn account through the single app (Outlook 2003)  

For the sake of convenience I was looking to see if I could access both exchange mail and web mail accounts from OWA without the need to log into a second web account to check MSN.  I tried setting up a mail folder in my exchange profile and pointing it to my msn account which works fine on the local machine but does not on OWA.

Any ideas?
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I don't think you can do that. I think you will have to forward your MSN email to that account then.

Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
If your trying to use the OWA inside of outlook you can do this two ways...

first and easiest..

create a folder in outlook it OWA.
Right click on the folder goto properties...'
set the home page to http://yourserver/owa/exchange
Everytime you select that folder it will open owa with your saved credentials..

second way.....I'll let microsoft explain it to you...

rdilenaAuthor Commented:
I am not looking to run OWA inside outlook I am trying to pull msn mail into OWA

Let me restate the question with some additional info for the sake of clarity.  

I am running SBS 2003 premium.
On the client machine I have Outlook 2003 with an exchange email account.  In addition I have an HTTP email acount running on the client machine in Outlook 2003

I like the benifits of OWA and was wondering if when I log onto OWA from a remote location can it be possible to access my msn account as well with just one login?  Is there a was (other than forwarding my msn mail to my exchange account) to pull msn email into the exchange server?

i agree with shankshank. owa is configured to take data direct from exchange with the direct account you use to log into the server. any external msn/hotmail/pop3 accounts you create will only be configured for the workstation it was created on, and not be stored on the server. hence you will not be able to access other pop3's via owa.


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