Problem running ISINTEG in Exchange 2000 and starting up Microsoft Information Store

OK after a crazy reboot on one of our exchange servers,I realized that my information store service wont start up so I went browsing around this forum and found this link   But my problem is that even though my information store service is stopped (or never started upon start-up) I took the assumption that my "stores" were already in a dismounted state. Well I successfully ran the ESEUTIL  on both the priv and pub files with the integrity first then the repair switch after that I went to run the ISINTEG with the switches –fix –test alltests. This is when the problem came. I got a "ERROR: Unable to get database status from the server.  The reason could be wrong server name or networking problems." I highly doubt its a network problem since the commands are being run from the exchange server. I doubt its the server name because I double-checked the name, did a copy and paste function so there could be no grammatical errors. Any suggestions on why I cant run this command or why I cant start up my information store  service?
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Have you seen this article:
XADM: "Error: Unable to Get Databases Status from Server" Error Message Occurs When You Run Isinteg.exe

It says to start the Information Store service.
Your services must be started before you can do this isinteg.
Start looking in your eventlog.....
Try start the exchange services...and look at the eventlog and see what error you are getting.
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
I can start every Exchange service but the critical one: Microsoft Information Store service. This one will not start.
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what is the error message / event id in the eventlog when you try to start this service.
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
In Event Viewer, the error that directly pops up once I unsuccessfully try to start the Store service is: The Microsoft Exchange OLEDB was unable to get admin token. Event ID 120
Stop the exchange services, rename the edb and stm files, then try to start the services again.
Make sure nothing happens to the old edb and stm. When you start the services it will create a new blank edb and stm...this will verify the corruption in the existing...
This error happen is there is a curroption in exchange it self which require a repair by cd install....or Mailbox Db.....this is what we need to evulate...
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
OK, so need to reinstall Microsoft Exchange? Im assuming by simply doing it from the add/remove programs should be sufficient correct?

Also I tried the above method and upon starting the Information Store service I get a error 1076. The process terminated unexpectedly.......
ok, so you did a reinstall?
try rename the edb and stm files....let's see if we can get the services without the old database...and then we can bring the old database back in.
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
Re-installed Exchange, but I still have the same symtpoms. P.S.- The virtual drive that Exchange creates does not exist. Any suggestions on why its still hosed...?
did you rename the edb and the stm files?
since you reinstall enchange chances are the database has errors...
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
Yes I did. Right now I am in the middle of running a disk check because I have even tried to re-install with a /disasterrecovery option and that still didnt work. The store service still wont start. I am starting to think maybe its a bad memory or some type of hard drve/hardware failure issue. Will update will relevant information when I found anything out.
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
Ok, now im really stumped. I went to go and "Remove" exchange 2000 only to find out that since I have 2 accts residing in the database I cannot uninstall. So it tells me to either delete the mailbox or move it to another exchange server. Well problem is in order for me to delete or move it, I need to have the Information Store services running and I definitely cannot get that to start. Any ideas on how to disable or remove mailbox w/o the information store service running?
how big is this data store?
how many users?
this is trying to remove the users ad see in AD the users is still connected.....
Depends on the size of the database you can always do a hard repair "eseutil" and try to remount the store...
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
Very small actually, less than 50mb (i'd have to verify first, but very very small). Users: Maybe 2. This is on a test exchange server I have been running different applications on so thats why capacity is so low. Is the hard repair "eseutil" any different from the normal  "repair" switch included with the eseutil utility?
Truffryderz99vaAuthor Commented:
I ended up just re-imaging the server. Like I had mentioned it was just a test exchange server, although I would have liked to fixed the problem, I believe I have put in enough man hours to attempt to fix it. Topic closed
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