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How to allow user use 1 public ip address for access through a Cisco 2600

I am trying to figure out is it NAt or Pat not sure. What I need is to allow 192.168.1.x to access the internet using one public ip address. Never done this before and I am lost.
2 Solutions
Is .x one IP or many IP's?

.x=1 device - one to one NAT
.x=many devices - many to one NAT (hide behind NAT)

Try NAT Overload

Overloading  NAT that maps multiple IP addresses to a single  IP address by using different ports. Known also as PAT (Port Address Translation)

for more info on NAT u can check at -- http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/556/nat-cisco.shtml
Chris StauntonCommented:
You will need to setup NAT on the 2600 series:

on your inside interface connected to your 192.x.x.x network you will need to add a command.

ip nat inside

on your outside interface connected to your public network you will need to add a command.

ip nat outside

If you were given a small subnet from the ISP for instance you would need to create a pool

ip nat pool Inet(Name of pool) x.x.x.x x.x.x.x (range of ips given) netmask x.x.x.x (netmask given)
ip nat inside source list 1 pool Inet(name of pool) overload

you will also need to create an access list for the pool

access-list 1 permit 192.x.x.x (or whatever reversed subnet mask)


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Chris post gives you the answer. one thing to add is that if you have just one ip address from ISP you can use
just that ip so:

ip nat pool Name_pool  ip-address   ip-address netmask

hope this helps
kvnetAuthor Commented:
Lilshoot and fm250 I think you guys are on target. I have jkust a single ip from ISP. WHne I trie creating the pool with the command ip nat pool ISP x.x.x.x(ip address from ISP) I receive the incomplete command error. When I use the ? at the end of the statement it is says I need a netmask. What am I missing.

are you using
try this
ip nat pool pool_name ISP-ip-address ISP-ip-address netmask

note that "netmask" word need to be there.

hope this helps
kvnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys that worked. I appreciate your help.
You are welcome Terry. glad it worked for you

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