Syntax for checking the _TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC parameter

From what I understand this is a hidden parameter. When I type show parameter in SQL I don't see it in the list of parameters. What is the syntax for checking to see what the value is for _TRACE_FILES_PUBLIC parameter?
sikyalaSenior Database AdministratorAsked:
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select a.ksppinm name, b.ksppstvl value, b.ksppstdf isdefault,
       decode(a.ksppity, 1, 'boolean', 2, 'string', 3, 'number', 4, 'file',
            a.ksppity) type,
       a.ksppdesc description
from   sys.x$ksppi a, sys.x$ksppcv b
where  a.indx = b.indx
  and  a.ksppinm like '%_trace_file%'
order  by name
The sql above has to be run as sys.
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