Rename a SBS server after setup

I have just finished setting up SBS and everyting that goes with it, including connecting the XP workstations and programs for a client of mine. Now, after it's all wraped up and I'm ready to invoice, the client is complaining about the servers name.
The domain name is fine, but he does not like his server name. I can think of a few things that would be affected by this and what it would involve, but my edjucated guess is far from an impact study. Has anyone ever done something similar ? Appart from shared resources pointing to a UNC name that has changed, what else might malfunction ? Is there a procedure for doing something like this ? All advice welcome.

Since this is a open ended question, short answer wont get good grades unless the short answer is a url to a long writeup on the subject.
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Sorry, but you can not rename a Small Business Server (or the SBS domain), unless you reinstall from scratch:

Windows Small Business Server 2003 Getting Started Guide (
Step 2: Windows Configuration
4. [...]
Important: After you install Windows Small Business Server 2003, you cannot change the full DNS name for the internal domain, the NetBIOS domain name, or the computer name. These settings are used to configure Windows Small Business Server tools and applications. To change these names, you must reinstall Windows Small Business Server 2003.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
oBdA's answer is good!  I would have said that it's not an open ended question, it's a Yes or No question.  And unfortunately the answer is Yes (if you want to completely reinstall) or No (if you don't).

XorbAuthor Commented:
Ha ha .. ok guys .. but the reason you cant change the name is cause it's used in the wizzards, so .. you can change it but then you cant use the wizards ... that not really an option.

Then there is also the fact that a server can have multiple netbios names, one being the primary.... so if you ad another one to the server, you could at least have some of the services ( like maped shares ) show on a difrent name. Or at least this was possible on win 2000.  

And what about a repair instalation ? that really doing it from scratch ? would you be able to rename the server during a repair instalation ?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Well, not really... it's actually more to do with Exchange, and that it's a domain controller.  However, there are probably about 40 or 50 things that would break if you changed the name.  

Your other concepts are not valid.  A repair installation would not work either.

Why does he ever have to use the server's name?  For IIS purposes, you can create other localized DNS CNAME entries, or use any host header you want... and for remote access you can use anything pretty much as long as it points to the server's IP address and you've configured the proper ssl certificate with the Internet Connection Wizard.


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