Read data from a USB port using MSComm control

I have to rewrite a VB6 application which currently uses MSComm control to retrieve date form the comport1 serial port. I would like to know if the same comm control can be used to retrieve data from a USB port. If not, how to retrieve data using the USB port in VB code.
I am using a symbol technologies 2D barcode scanner.
Any comments, help etc is greatly appreciated.
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I have used scanners with VB6 and didn't have to use MSCOMM at all.  Newer scanners simulate keyboard strokes, you should be able to just set focus on a textbox and scan away.

I looked up that scanner on the web and even their documentation says the same:

Scan data directly into the field on the form:
This is the simplest of all implementations. To scan a barcode all you have to do is place the cursor on a field in a form and scan the barcode. This process can be automated to include tabs and returns with our Code 39 and Code 128 barcode products - even in web browsers and custom operating systems. By using tabs and returns, a single barcode can enter data in one field, tab to another, enter more data and choose the default button (a return). Information about encoding tabs and returns into barcodes is available in our Code 39 FAQ and the Code 128 FAQ


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