Microsoft Shared Fax Driver printer driver is not installed on this computer

I have a Windows 2003 SBS server set up with a modem and shared fax.

I have 4 computers which can send faxes through the server w/o a problem.

One client computer gives me an error message when I try to send a fax and says "The 'Microsoft Shared Fax Driver' printer driver is not installed on this computer. Some printer properties will not be accessible unless you install the printer driver. Do you want to install the driver now?"  My options are Yes and No. Selecting Yes causes the Add Printer wizard to start and has me locate a printer driver for the fax (never done this before).

I've deleted the "printer" for shared fax from the printer control panel ( \\tncserver\fax ), rebooted, and added it again by going to run > \\tncserver\fax, it adds the fax icon back in the list of printers, but does not fix the problem.

4 other users on the network can fax just fine, all have the same setups so I am thinking there is something messed up on this particular computer.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAsked:
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The shared fax printer is installed automatically when you connect your workstations to the network via the http://<servername>/connectcomputer method.  If you did not add the workstation to the network via this procedure then you need to do fix this with these steps:

The following needs to be done with the client machine:
1.  Log in with THAT machine's LOCAL administrator account.
2.  Unjoin the domain into a WORKGROUP
3.  Change the name of the computer
4.  Delete or rename the following directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Clients
5.  Reboot

Then on the server, from the Server Management Console:
1.  Remove the client computers if it still shows in the Client Computer screen on the Server Management Console
2.  Add the client with it's NEW name using the Add Computer wizard

Then, go back to the client machine and join the domain by opening Internet Explorer and navigating to http://servername/connectcomputer

Sometimes, this problem will happen when a client computer WAS joined correctly, but the client computer may have had XP SP2 installed already while the SBS was not configured yet for being able to update XP SP2.  This is resolved by updating SBS to it's SP1 ( and then redeploying the fax service through the Client Computer setup.  Full details on this and other fax related items can be found here:

OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
you are the man, TechSoEasy!

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
unfortunately, sometimes I feel like the man-ual.  :-)

Glad you got it fixed!

OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsAuthor Commented:
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