IIS Manger - Starting Default Web Site failing

Hi Experts,

I have a windows server 2003 standard edition setup as a domino server.
I have installed groupshield on it. I need to start the Default Web Site in IIS Manager however it wont let me start the error i am getting is 'The process cannot start because it is being used by another process'

I don't have anything running on the machine ...any ideas ?????

Thanks in advance - hope someone has come across this before.

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The reason is because the lotus domino server is most probably using Port 80. If you go into your IIS maanger, and change the port to say 8080, then you can start it up no problem.
Sounds like maybe another process is occupying the port.  Can you open a web browser and point it to the local IP address or localhost?  Does it return a webpage?
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