Linux setup - What's the significance of the domain

Not really a problem, just a question.

When installing Open Suse 10.2 recently I had to setup the network config. I managed that ok, the box has a static IP on my network and web access works ok.

I understand that you can give your machine a name, and I understand that it can be used to identify the machine instead of it's IP with DNS blah blah. What I'm not entirely sure of is how the domain bit works.

How important is the domain?

My network has no domain that I'm aware of. Is the domain only significant if my network uses domains?

Is there anything (applications etc) that wont work if I don't have a sensible or meaningful domain name set on the box?

I'm a Ingres DBA and will be mainly using the box whilst I train as an Oracle DBA. Does anybody know if Oracle is sensitive to the domain that the box uses?

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Domains are a means of grouping machines in a logicalmanner in groups, and yes, any word can be used as a domain with DNS, as long as the machine is not open to the internet. Then the domain must be a registered one for anyone from the outside to be able to reach it. You may set up a DNS server and give each location or department a domain name, and then give each machine its hostname, as long as the dns server translates each name to the correct ip address it all works. the name localhost translates to, and the aforemantioned localdimain, is simply an assumed one for the linux setup, a placeholder so to speak

If you set up a non registered domain name on the dns server, than each computer wishing to reach your machines would have to have your dns server listed in their tcp/ip settings. A DNS server assumes that domains are used, therefore uses domains to specify it's namespace, or each domains namespace. A single DNS server can host several domains. Also the apache web server uses domains for it's virtual hosting operation.
no. all application can work perfectly. but many applications assume the domain localdomain.

for example if your machine called "newmachine" for exmaple sendmail assume that machine belongs the domain localdomain

sendmail and other services uses the domain, that is the answer ....
the instalation ask domain for that

I dont know if oracle is sensitive but i can tell you that MYSQL is sensitive and i assume oracle too but anyway your domain will be localhost.localdomin
damieneowenAuthor Commented:
Should the domain always be "localdomain" or is there a scenario where you might want to set it to something else?
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linux use localdomain if you don't type any domain in the installation.
assume for default localhost.localdomain
Is not an scenario.
damieneowenAuthor Commented:
I'm asking: What are domains used for?
to difference machine each and other
for example you can have 2 machine with the same name but different domain
with that for example you can send mail between machines
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