Are hotfixes downloadable / available somewhere other than calling Microsoft?

A client had a problem with his win server 2003 and looking up the issue on pointed me to a hotfix on Microsoft's website.  They say there's a hotfix and you can call in for it... but there may be charges that may be waived, etc.  Wny not just post the fix somewhere to save people from the time, bother and potential cost to call / contact microsoft to get the patch?  It's not like it's a new issue they don't know about / don't know a possible fix.  Sure, you might F___ up your machine, but it's already F___ed up so you want it to get back up quick.  and peole that know to search their KB are (should be) smart enough to know if the article really describes the problem / that fix is worth a try?

or are there webpages out there that accumulate hotfixes that people have gotten so the next person can get it quicker than dealing with MSFT??  like, etc.???

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As a consulting company, you can buy membership to the website.  In this way, you will have access to all hotfixes.

Otherwise, you will need to call.
LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
we are registered partners with them.  what's the purchase cost / where would we get info for that?
LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
we also have the action pack.  I am embarrassed to say I didn't know about that website.  Is that part of / new name / different from technet website?  I had a subscription to that a long time ago.
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LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
I saw that the login page mentions software assurance. We and none of our clients have that.
Premier online website is the website where you can download hotfixes not available to the public Microsoft website...

Cost is dependant on size of need to call to see pricing.
If you're just after a hot fix, I called them the other day for one. All you have to do is explain that you have a problem that the hot fix says that it will fix, and you get passed onto an engineer who emails it to you. They didn't ask for too much info on me, I can't even remember whether they asked for company name

It only took about 5 minutes to do, as long as you have the kb article number that you want etc.


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Oh yes, and forgot to say - as it is just for a hotfix, you don't need to go and give over credit card details or anything like that, they just pass you onto the engineer for the files

LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
whqt number would you call for the KB fix?  800-936-3500??

go to, click on contact someone via phone or email, and then click on whichever (I presume windows server 2003) tell it which country you're in, and then select the OS and call the number on the screen

Simple as that - as I said, don't be put off by the costs, they didn't ask me for anything like that, just explain that you've seen an article on their web site that says that the hot fix will fix the problem

LookingForITHelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  but realisitically, it's cheaper for them and faster for us if thye just have a link to the file.  I'm wondering how much that premier service costs to make it worth them having people answer the phones for most people and charging a few. I bet it's expensive : (
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