how would someone know to download SP1 on SBS 2K3?

A new client called yesterday because they couldn't connect to their SBS2K3 server over the LAN.  Working it from the console yielded out of memory or similar issues, the event log was full of event 2019 issues - insufficient system resoources.

We rebooted and things are OK, but in looking at there's talk of a memory leak with VSS and there's a hotfix for that.  Regardless of that, I checked Windows update and although, under system properties, it was set for auto update at 2AM each morning, it needed Microsoft update installed and then only had 1 update it wanted to get (Sharepoint?).  

Anyway, the crux of the question:  Looking at system properties, it didn't have sp1....  does the OS indicate that there's a service pack like xp did for sp2? Or how would an end user know there's that big update?

WSUS is not installed.  it's a small network the boss / owner set up.

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Another option is to subscibe to the Microsoft website to receive emails whenever a major update is available. This service emails you to inform of an update regardless of what application the update is for. This way you will always know when a new fix is available.  The site address is below and click the sign up link.

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
First of all... it's important for anyone who is responsible for managing a network to understand that unlike a home computer running Windows XP, a server requires ACTIVE management.  This not only includes making sure that everything is running as it should be, but to stay informed of any updates, security patches or other items which could positively or negatively impact the operation of their network... and even more importantly, the operation of their business.

Even though the owner set it up... they need to realize that while technically they may be the "end user", if they are the one taking responsibility for the server and network, then they need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.  This is the reason most small business owners choose to work with an outside consultant to help them manage their IT infrastructure... much in the same way that they use an accountant to help with their books or an attorney to help with complicated legal issues.

That being said, Small Business Server 2003 offers a number of ways to keep informed.  The one that is right at your fingertips is the Information Center in the Server Management Console.  Here you'll find these menu choices:

Downloads and Updates
Check the Web for the latest Windows Small Business Server downloads and updates.
View Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices, Procedures, and Troubleshooting information.
Ask the Experts in the Newsgroup
Find answers to your questions and discuss common issues with experts in the Windows Small Business Server newsgroup.
Community Website
Visit the Windows Small Business Server Community to access chats, user groups, Knowledge Base articles, and other resources.
Technical Support
Contact a support professional for assistance.

Clicking on the Downloads and Updates, you would find information about both SBS Service Pack 1 and Exchange Service Pack 2.  These are NOT automatic updates because they require some informed decisions and could change how some software or hardware operates.  

On that page you'll also find information about Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) and a link to the step-by-step guide for implementing WSUS on an SBS network.

Click on the Community Website link and you'll find a number of great resources for Small Business Server.  Many of which provide RSS feeds that can get you the most current information when it becomes available.

Hopefully these will help you keep up to date, and provide some useful information about how to make SBS even more productive!


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You can find out if your server is on SP1 by right click My Computer > Properties.  Under the General tab it should tell you under the System field.
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