Administrative Tools Folder is Empty

I have a Win 2003 R2 Server Domain controller and a Win 2003 Server acting as a Terminal Server.

I need to add a Data Source (ODBC) which I normally find in the Administrative Tools Folder on my Start Menu.  The Administrative Tools Folder is there but there is NOTHING in it.

I recently removed the Terminal Server Machime from a redundant domain and added it to a new domain.

Please advise, Many Thanks.
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The other option is to copy the shortcuts from another server into the all users / administrative section under that start menu (documents and settings, all users, start menu, admin tools)

There are two things that you could do. The first is just to reinstall the adminpack from windows\system32\adminpak.msi. That will put the icons back.

The other thing that you can do is just run


from windows\system32 - normally you can just run it from the start > run box

Just to be sure,
Get the properties of the Start Menu (right-click on Start & select properties)
Click the "Customize" button
Click the "Advanced" tab
scroll to the bottom & make sure the System Admins Tools are set to display...
doddwellAuthor Commented:
rjropes - tried odbcad32 and that allowed me to add the thanks for that.  Have not tried your first option yet (is that the only way I can repopulate the Administrative Tools folder?)
artthegeek - checked that and it was set to display.

Regards, Simon
doddwellAuthor Commented:
Richard - copied from another server as you suggested and it worked.  Many Thanks, Simon
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