Oki c3200n printer on mac

I have a windows network combined with a new ibook ( intel proc).
I bought by mistake an OKI C3200N networkprinter wich appearently is not compatible with mac.
Is there any way that I can use this printer with my mac??
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you can try sharing it from a Windows PC. Load appletalk on the WIndows PC so your mac can see it. You will then basically be using the windows machine as a quosi print server.
mycofilipAuthor Commented:
can you be more specific on this?
Can't I use the network function of this printer?
Where do find Appletalk please? And what is a quosi print server?
Depending on your version of MAC, you can use lpr to print to OKIDATA. I don't have a MAC system, but assign IP address to your okidata printer, then install LPR on your apple machine, if it does not have drivers, use generic PS or PCL driver.


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