Veritas Backup 9.1 - No Tape Drive

Good Afternoon.  I have a server on the network that requires daily backups of directories and the system state.  I felt that Veritas was the best solution for this task, so after loading it I created some folders under the "Backup to Folder" task... Unfortuneatly, during my test run the backup failed due to Media Set 1 not being there... The only thing that I can think of is that this server does not have a tape drive.  Can Veritas work without a tape drive?  If anyone is familar with just how to create a task for backing up to a folder, that would be great..... Thanks in advance....

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Test run does not work properly with B2D folders, it always fails to identify the capacity of the media. The actual backup job should work properly though.

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D00DnessAuthor Commented:
David -- I'll have to check that.. the Test Run threw me off though.. thought i had to physically have a tape drive.. tks for the reply...
Hi D00Dness

Once the backup job has run you will find that you will be able to run a test run.
This happens because the test job need to be able perform a "media check" and because the folder has never been backup too it can't.
Hope this makes sense.

D00DnessAuthor Commented:
@ Danhil85 -- Thanks much.... After David's suggestion I went into work yesterday and was able to perform the backup-to-disk task sucessfully.   Thanks for the info also....

@ David -- Worked like you mentioned...

Thanks much everyone....

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