undelivered email

Hi Everybody
i recently install a new server with windows 2003 advanced server
well i'm using the smtp server from the win2003 to send some email
i install a dns server to make more quick some things internals
but my problem is i'm receiving some emails back i dunno why
for example when i try to send email to domian @hp.com
i get back the email with a undelivered message
any ideas?
i need to just let the dn server refresh complete?
thanks a lot
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what is the error message, could be many things, but one thought that goes thru my mind is if you have proper forward and reverse DNS entries for your mail server.  many companies implement SPF for spam checking and if you don't have the reverse DNS entry it will be rejected.

but i'm just speculating without knowing what the exact error message is.

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gesquivelAuthor Commented:
here i gonna put the message:
i gonna translate it because is in spanish:

From: Postmaster@Server  To: user@domain.net
Subject: Notification of delivery state (error)

This is a Notification of state of automatically generated delivery.
Error in the delivery to the following adressees.


thanks a lot

ps: i don't create a reverse zone, i install the dns server (of windows 2003) but i don't know how set the revese zone.

you by chance don't have an actual error code in your logs or somewhere that would correspond with that message do you?  there are just too many ways that a message can fail on delivery.

the reverse zone entry would actually need to be placed on your ISPs DNS server because its your public IP that other mail server are interested in.

does the failure of delivery happen for all external domains, or just some.  also if it is only some, is it atleast consistent.  for example, can you send to some addresses for a domain and not others on the same domain or even send to an address once, but sometimes not send to them.

i haven't dealt much with win2k3 smtp server before, but there has to be a way to increase the logging as well so we can hopefully get a little more information on what is going on.
gesquivelAuthor Commented:
hey Cyclops3590
the problem been the reverse dns entry
that's all
thanks a lot
Best Regards
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