ASP.Net/C# - Dynamic Where Clause Should be Easy

Hello all.  I have a dynamic SQL string I am creating and the Where Clause has an IN in the statement.  What I need to do is some of the parts in this IN statement can be blank "".  I need to omit those in the IN statement and only have the IN statement run with parts that have a value.  For example,

Where part_num IN ('" + partNum1 + "','" + partNum2 + "','" + partNum3 + "','" + partNum4 + "','" + partNum5 + "')

partNum4 could be blank so I need to leave that out.  Any idea on how to easily build this with something clean.  Thanks all.
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How about puting the parts in an array and looping through it, testing each one for blank?

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sbornstein2Author Commented:
Yep that is what I can do I actually already have an array for it.  I am just trying to find out the cleanest least code to now check for each one being blank and building just the inner part of the IN statement ().
I'd just basically loop through, if the partnum isn't null, concatenate it into a string with a comma on the end of it. so using the string sqlIn:

sqlIn+=partNum.ToString() + ",";

Then after the loop I would check if the entire sqlIn was null or not. If it's not, strip off the last character (that trailing comma, you never know how many parts will be in there) and then stick the sqlIn string right into the brackets of your original sql string.

It sounds like you're probably already doing this, or something very similar though.
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