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Backup Software / Virus and Pest Software Recommendation / CA Complaint

I am currently running Windows Server 2003 and have 15 workstations.  Most of the workstations are laptops that are rarely onsite.  I am currently using Computer Associates Virus and Pest Patrol on ther server and workstations and their ArcServe Backup for the sever.

Since I got my new server several months ago I have had nothing but headaches with CA software.....

Lets start with the backp...... The backup will run for a few days and then it won't.  I will come in to find that the software is still "connecting to media" and that my backup did not run.  I am using 2 Seagate tape drives that are Windows and CA supported.   Once this happens, the only way to fix the problem and get the backup running again is to remove the tape drives from the Tape Group in the software, restart the server and put them back into the group.  CA has remotely accessed my server 5 times and has yet to fix the problem. My problem has been escalated to the programmers.   Furthermore, the last time they deleted my backup job without permission and I had to recreate it.  Sooooo, I ask all of you experts what is your opinion is for a good backup software.  Is the built in backup software in Widows Server 2003 good?  Will it span two tapes? I welcome all suggestions.  

Next, lets talk about the Virus / Pest Patrol software.  I like the fact that I can manage the workstations from the server; however, their last update has caused me much grief.  Since the last update, the software has caused my server to slow down everday and needs to be restarted daily.  Once I turned the software off on the server this does not happen anymore; however, I don't want to do this.  Soooo, I also ask the experts, what is a decent virus / pest protection that can be managed at the server level.

My patience is about gone with CA's software and I am looking for some better options.

Thank you.
2 Solutions
Cleaning up adware/spyware/malware has almost been labeled an impossibility.  So the idea of "pest" control is basically falling behind.  Microsoft's started an unofficial stance that infected machines will need to be formatted and reinstalled to ensure a clean system.  Simply said, adware writers are too far ahead of the anti adware industry for it to really matter.  That's really my stance on spyware etc, if you have it, and you don't have the time/patience or skills to nit pick every espect of windows to clean it out.  You might as well give up and start from scratch or at least a back up.  So, on to virus/backup.  I personally use Norton, for antivirus/firewall and backup.  I have norton ghost v10 and i don't have any complaints about it.  If windows can find the media, then norton can back up to it.  I've even been able to back up to an external hard drive connected to my desktop via a shared folder through our ethernet.  The power is simply amazing.  It supports data verification but you can find all the details at symantec's website.  For antivirus, well, choose your poison.  Any of the the major players in the market are going to have good products, everyone has their preferences.  Some swear up and down a product, others say whatever you want, or whatever you can use.  Frankly my distaste is for McAfee, the engine is slow.  What can i say, i don't think i've ever seen a scanner take that long.  I prefer norton, but i've been using norton for 4 years without any problems, a matter of preference really.  Norton is more likely to get in your way, while McAfee will tend to not invade the environment so much.  I believe Autoprotect is superior to McAfee's on-access scan.  Still, just a matter of preference.

For server based management, you'd get Norton antivirus corporate edition, and norton ghost v10 (i believe it has a client/server management interface i never need it, so i don't think i installed it), and for good security otherwise, well, i don't think there is a server based management software program that exists that can do what the individual tools can do.  I have dozens of tools from Sysinternals all of which don't support network management but are vital in successfully cleaning my machine in the event of infection.

Personally i suggest that you make frequent "tiered" backups so that when an infection does occur you can grab the few files you've created since the last back up, and restore to an old machine that is infection free.

Hope that helps.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
I'm for McAfee myself, the AV dat's also detect popular pest's (adware/malware) however it's not as through as Ad-Aware or HiJackThis. To help prevent spyware/adware best practices and an alternate browser are my top suggestions: http://xinn.org/win_bestpractices.html  http://www.xinn.org/annoyance_spy-ware.html

I'm not so sure about Norton vs McAfee onaccess scan, my last test of Norton vs McAfee, mcafee won out. These were some of the files that McAfee caught, mid-download and stopped, that norton didn't catch until they were on the disk or attempted to run...
http://ntsecurity.nu/downloads/fakegina.zip  http://ntsecurity.nu/downloads/kerbcrack.zip  http://ntsecurity.nu/toolbox/klogger/  http://openwall.com/john/e/john171w.zip
McAfee also support Client/Server setup, scheduling downloads, overflow prevention, virus scanning behaviour detection (blocking IRC, TFTP and SMTP if detected)

backup software, ConnectTLM, bought out by IronMountain
http://www.ironmountain.com/US/digital/pc/  http://www.ironmountain.com/US/digital/server/

Veritas is ok, but it also has similar issues like you described. I like the IronMountain offerings better.

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