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as a physically disabled PC user with minimal manual dexterity, I have been using a Dragon voice recognition program for some years.  the amount recommended by Dragon, I use a Telex USB M-560 tabletop microphone for dictation.  There are times, however, that I would like to be able to easily "switch over" to a headset.  The headset is too physically cumbersome for daily use, but too often the table mic picks up background sounds, and of course provides no privacy.

Ideally, I would like to have some sort of switch box that would accommodate both peripherals.  Keep in mind my manual dexterity is almost nonexistent, so I cannot manipulate plugs of any sort.  I can press a button, or throw a switch.  That's about all.  Is there such a device?  If not, can something be assembled easily, from "off-the-shelf" components? if such a setup is possible, are there any serious software consequences?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance/opinions in this matter...  
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
you will put your tabletop mic connection into channel 1, and your headset mic to channel 2.. the output from the mixer goes to the mic input of the computer.
before you order confirm the size of both your male plugs with that of the product
jkoontz33Author Commented:
sorry for the slow reply.  This mixture looks very promising, but my Telex M-560 table mic uses a USB plug.  Doesn't this complicate the situation?  The product photo appears to take only jack plugs.  I look forward to your reply...
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jkoontz33Author Commented:
this is the product description provided on the manufacturer's web site...

This minature 3-channel microphone mixer allows you to add and mix sound from 3 microphone sources simultaneously. The mixer features 3 MONO 3.5mm input jacks and 1 STEREO 3.5mm output jack. Only 3 1/4" x 1/4" x 2 1/8", it weighs 3 ounces, uses no batteries and can be attached to the camcorder or the handstrap. Comes with a STEREO-to-MONO output cable

I'm assuming I will need some sort of converter cable, from USB back to traditional jack plugs.  Will you please advise?

Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
"'I'm assuming I will need some sort of converter cable, from USB back to traditional jack plugs.  Will you please advise?"

That's going to be a hard it took awhile to get the right mixer, and generally, the intended purpose of a USB connection for a microphone was eay management & install for a SINGLE mic.

perhaps getting a standard microphone would be more prudent

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jkoontz33Author Commented:
with apologies again for my slow reply, I admit to being disappointed that there isn't some more obvious solution.  I see that another microphone would be prudent in this situation, but my budget doesnot permit at this time.

Thank you very much.  appreciate the time and effort that went into locating this nice little mixer that you recommended.  as a non-tech type, perhaps I don't appreciate the particulars of this problem.  You say that some sort of conversion cable is not likely, but can you think of anything, or some combination of components that can make the conversion for me, and cost less than $50.  Without doing much research I'm guessing that a table mic suitable for dictation will cost something like $80-$100.

If you have to disabuse me of my layman's analysis I will follow your recommendation and assign you all of the points.

Again, thanks much!
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