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I have a VB.Net web page with a listbox:

<asp:ListBox id="lbxDelList" runat="server" forecolor="#000099" rows="10" Width="500px" SelectionMode="Multiple" TabIndex="1" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:ListBox>

When item 12 is selected from this Listbox (please note that I have rows set to Rows=10), I need item 12 to re-position to the top of the listbox.  What's happens in my case is that the item gets selected/hightlighted, but since it doesn't reposition, the user can't see it.

Since the listbox is SelectionMode=Multiple and I am displaying only "Rows=10" ....if the user selects item 5 and item 25,  I need the listbox to re-position showing item 5 at the top.

Thanks! msyed1
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Can't do it without lot of client side javascript code.
If this kind of functionality is absolutely essential then you may want to look into thirdparty solutions for this kind of UI.
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