unable to access remote web workplace in SBS 2003 - permissions?

I can access the site when logging in as an admin, but a normal domain user gets the message :

The user name or password is incorrect. Verify that CAPS LOCK is not on, and then retype the current user name and password. If you receive this message again, contact your system administrator to ensure that you have the correct permissions to use the Remote Web Workplace.

What do I need to do?


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Not all users have automatic access to RWW. They need to be in the Remote Web Workplace Users group. Are they?
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That's not true SusanPK, all users BY DEFAULT have access to RWW.  That is if you use the Add-User wizard to create your users.  (If you don't use the wizard, not only will users not have access to RSS, but they would probably not have access to a number of things they should have).

I would ask first if the Add-User wizard was used?



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roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
I did not use the wizard as I imported the users from a previous setup. I have now added the user to the rww group. They have access now.

What other things does the wizard give you access to then?

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
The best way to tell you would be to provide you a sample from the add-user logfile:


Date: 1/29/2006
Time: 10:56 AM
User: techsoeasy
Command-Line: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Administration\addusr.exe" -c

Options specified by the user:
A user account will be created with the following properties:
      Full name: Josh Royce
      User logon name: Josh
      E-mail alias: Josh
      Home folder: \\SBS\USERS\Josh

The following template will be applied to this user:
      User Template

The user will be added to the following security groups:
      Remote Web Workplace Users
      Domain Users

The users will be added to the following distribution groups:

SharePoint access will be configured for the users through the following site groups:

The user will have the following disk quota:
      Disk space limited to 1024 MB
      Warning sent at 900 MB


Wizard Execution:
      Entering the Account Committer...
            Creating Josh Royce...
            Finished with Josh Royce...
            Creating the mailbox Josh...
            Finished the mailbox...
      Leaving the Account Committer...
      Entering the Template Committer...
      Leaving the Template Committer...
      StampAllUsers() - Returned [0]
      DoOfflineABTask() - Returned [0]

Wizard results:

User account: Josh Royce created successfully.


As you can see, quite a lot!

There is no problem at all applying a User Template to users that have been imported (assuming that you've placed them in the proper OU -- MyBusiness/Users/SBSUsers).  Just open the Server Management Console > Users > Change User Permissions.  Select those users you want to apply the template to, and choose either "replace" or "append" (generally you want to replace), and finish out the wizard.

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