Capture the result from dynamic sql statement

I have the following part of a script

@String is my table name
What im trying to do is capture the count value so that i can then update another table
What it does is retruns on the screen the value 91896 but the print @retVal remains empty.

      set @retType = N'@cnt varchar(20) OUTPUT'

      exec sp_executesql @sql, @retType, @retVal OUTPUT

      print 'ret val ' + convert(nvarchar(100),@retVal)

Any suggestions.
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Try this;

     SELECT @SQL = N'SELECT @cnt = COUNT(*) FROM '
     set @retType = N'@cnt varchar(20) OUTPUT'

     exec sp_executesql @sql, @retType, @cnt = @retVal OUTPUT

     print 'ret val ' + convert(nvarchar(100),@retVal)

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TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Your a star....................thanks very much been on this all day long i could not work it out....

Thanks very much really appreciated have a great day.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Thanks very much really appreciated have a great day.<<
Great!  Now please close the question.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Thank you for the points, but I believe you have mistaken me for raopsn, please see here from the EE Help:

I accepted the wrong answer. Now what?
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
so i did sorry .............i get it changed
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Thanks acperkins...........for be honest i did click wrong answer.
Thanks Guys
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